Knee Massager

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  • Vibration Setting : Low frequency that'll cause no harm to your knees and will comfortably massage them. Also has a high frequency that'll stimulate knee joints & muscles.
  • Heat Therapy : Has three different settings that you can change to your liking. 
  • Stimulates Blood Flow. This is the major thing that you can benefit from a knee massage. It allows blood and oxygen to get into the joint. The more blood flow you have in and around your knees, the more it is able to makes healing faster and easier.
  •  Helps The Knee To Relax. By massaging your knees, it has the tendency to relax. And with a more relaxing knee joint, it begins the process by which your body is able to heal itself.
  •  Relieves Pain. If you are experiencing any knee pain, massaging it will help you relieve that throbbing feeling by putting the right amount of pressure on it. By doing this, it allows proper blood flow that will aid you in relieving the pain. You can experiment with different motions and how much pressure you apply to find a rhythm that feels best for you. If certain areas are tender, try to massage around them so you don’t cause yourself any further pain. But if you have severe knee injury, knee massage is not advisable. The rule of thumb is that if it hurts, don’t do it. This type of stimulation may be too intense for your knee and you may want to look for a more gentle treatment option.
  • Soothes Your Mind. Knee Massage is not only good for your health, physically. But, it is also good for your mind. When you are stressed with activities at work, school or at home, having a massage will have that peace of mind and will make you feel relaxed.
  • More Practical. Rather than depending on medicines like pain relievers, why won’t you try massaging your knees? It saves money and you can avoid any adverse effects in your body.


Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Material: Composite Material
Size: One Size
Item name: Knee Physiotherapy Device
Function: Arthritis Care, Knee Care, Joint Care
Color: Black